About us

Pago International Australia was founded in 1998. Boasting over 70 years of experience in the office furniture industry, we are the unrivalled experts when it comes to designing sustainable, commercial quality chairs that are manufactured to the highest international standards at the lowest possible price.

 A leading international designer and wholesaler of commercial furniture, Pago’s range of superior quality imported products is sold worldwide. Additionally, we have a large research, innovation, design and manufacturing capability based on environmentally sustainable methods and materials.
"We believe that by continuously researching and developing our own range of products,
and then manufacturing in certified facilities, we can confidently offer the best quality,
service and guarantees on all our products"
Paul Goldberg CEO 
This commitment to designing and manufacturing the best quality products and backing this with up to 15-year warranties, is what sets Pago apart. We base all our designs on internationally recognised ergonomic principles without losing the critical aesthetic elements of our products. This means that our seating solutions are comfortable and supportive whilst enhancing the visual appeal of your environment.